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Several aspects of judging the quality of the cutting machine

Apr 04, 2018

The cutting machine is a necessary processing tool in the light industry industry. When customers buy the cutting machine, how to judge it, here huason machinery simply introduces the quality of the machine for everyone, so as to know how to judge whether the machine is good or bad or not.

First of all, we want to look from the appearance of this product, the outside of the cutting machine will basically paint the color, of course, it can also be painted according to the needs of the customers, outside the need to look inside, such as his oil cylinder, worktable, chassis, press plate four columns and so on. Touch the upper platen with your hands, and you will be able to check the new machine's performance in the old machine.

In fact, a regular deal with the cutting machine must be sure that the sound can be broken by the machine, but also to know whether the machine is new and old, the good machine will not produce noise. Only the old machine will do this.

Then the electrical control box is checked. The electrical control box of the cutting machine is usually opened without the cover. It is very important to check the circuit inside the chassis to be normal or tidy at any time.

Finally, it is to test the performance of the technology and whether the operation is flexible. The efficiency is not high, and the quality is good.

I hope these points need to be paid attention to, and we hope these can help our customers.