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Six key points must be attached to the operation of a cutting machine

Apr 09, 2018

Six key points must be attached to the operation of a cutting machine

1, when the cutter is set, it is necessary to relax the handwheel first and make the setting lever contact the control switch of the cutting point. Otherwise, the set switch can not be set when the switch is set to ON.

2, when working, the cutters should be placed at the center of the upper pressboard as far as possible, so as to avoid the unilateral wear and shorten the service life of the machine.

3, replace the new cutting knife, if the height is different, please set it according to the setting method.

4, when you cut the movement, please leave the cutting knife or chopping board, and do not use your hands to help the cutter to avoid danger.

5, if the operator wants to leave the location temporarily, remember to cut off the motor power supply, so as to avoid flying professionals' wrong operation and damage the cutting machine.

6, try to avoid overloading, so as not to damage the machine and reduce the service life.

Blanking process

. The adjustment of the cutting point 1. After the tool setting work is completed, the material will be placed on the board, then the cutter die is placed on the material, and the feeder board is pushed forward in the cutting area. 2, respectively, press the 12 cutting switch with both hands. At this time the cutting pressure board is lowered and pressurized to the tool die, and then the position of the cutter can be cut back to the starting position automatically after cutting the material.

3, when the material is blanked, if the material is not completely broken, the 03 cutting depth controller is adjusted, and the "pressure" is rotated in the reverse direction clockwise; for example, the pressure system is rotated to the counterclockwise direction, and the longer the adjustment time is, the deeper the cutting depth is, and try to adjust to the knife mold slightly pressed into the rubber plate. Until。 4.

The delivery plate pulls out the cutting area and takes out the cut material, and completes a blanking process.

The cutting machine is an indispensable mechanical device in light industry production. The machine cuts the processed material by means of the force formed by the mechanical movement. According to the formation of mechanical movement, it can be divided into mechanical cutting machine and hydraulic cutter.