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Talk about the reason why the tape cutting machine is welcomed by the market

Mar 26, 2018

So when we used adhesive tape, we used scissors or teeth to bite. Now there are belt cutting machines. Many things become very convenient and fast. At present, the application of the cutting machine is widely used, and its performance is very important, and the after-sales service of the manufacturer is also the important reason.

The operation of the machine is very small. When the bearings in the inside are running, they all do the treatment of the noise, which is also very advocated by the workshops. Nowadays, many people, hearing loss is very early. Actually, the noise pollution is very harmful to everyone. This characteristic is also the important reason why it can be widely applied.

In essence, the service life of the tape cutting machine is still long, and the inner structure of the fuselage and the internal structure is basically not needed to be replaced. The only wear or replacement is the cutting knife, which should be foreseen. Because the cutting is the adhesive tape, with a certain viscosity, once for a variety of reasons stick to the cutter, it is necessary to replace the cutter.

Analysis and solution of the fault of the tape cutting machine

One of the problems that is easy to appear when using is that the cutting is not smooth. This requires us to check whether the tape is deformed before cutting, and the other is that the slitter is easy to appear after a period of time, and the length and width are not accurate.

These conditions can be solved by following maintenance, replacement of parts, blades, and adjusting the working environment and surrounding environment.

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