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Technical and technological distinction used in different types of composite machines

Mar 21, 2018

In furniture, automobile interior, clothing and other industries, a compound equipment is often used. We should know that the compound machine can combine artificial leather, all kinds of plastic and semi melt articles together.

Because of the wide range of use of the composite machine, many types of composite machines have been developed and produced in many manufacturers.

The first is the dry compound machine, plastic film by dry compound process will stick together in various forms, after the glue glue in the solvent by heating the exhaust make it fully dry, and then meet in dry conditions, but the performance of equipment will be different plastic is not the same

Second kinds of non solvent composite machine, using solvent-free adhesive, two or more substrate composite together method, this method has environmental protection and economy, economy, safety and environmental protection advantages, the process is currently very popular in Europe

Third kinds of composite paper processing machine, this method uses high strength, low elongation, flex resistance matrix material with good performance, the initial tension force is larger, that is to say the composite paper processing machine is a kind of high speed drive applications the most ideal flat belt.