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Introduction of intelligent fully automatic hydraulic Longmen blanking machine

Jan 30, 2018

Intelligent fully automatic hydraulic Longmen blanking machine

Intelligent automatic hydraulic Longmen blanking machine is suitable for shoe making, textile, leather, rubber, plastics, paper industry, medicine, sporting goods, grinding wheel mesh and other stamping blanking machines.

This machine is a fully automatic machine tool with computer control, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical transmission.

The blanking machine blanking program includes transverse, longitudinal, up and down, automatic feeding, automatic rotation of die and so on, which are all embedded in the computer as the core of control.

The man-machine interface uses all Chinese liquid crystal display, and it is easy to operate. The whole machine is intellectualized, the labor intensity of the operator is lighten, the production efficiency is improved, and it is both safe and convenient. In the same kind of product, it has the novelty.