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The close connection between the automobile interior industry and the leather Superfiber composite machine

Mar 23, 2018

China's auto sales growth has also brought enough opportunities for the development of the automotive interior industry. With this development trend, the leather microfiber composite machine industry has also been booming. There are two main types of car seat, seat fabric and leather seats, including leather seats and leather seats and seat imitation skins.

In the present social environment, the use of real skin is under the pressure of limited source of raw materials and the criticism of public opinion, and the amount of use is gradually reduced. The development of generic hide technology, let the car seat leather had another choice.

At present, the domestic leather microfiber composite machine technical level constantly improve, ultra fiber leather produced in combustion flame retardant, non-toxic and other aspects are lacking, but the wear resistance, strong practicability, higher price advantage also occupied the low-end automotive interior market. At the same time, the actual demand of the automotive interior market is driving the development of the technology of the leather super fiber laminating machine. I believe that the technology of the domestic leather superfine fiber composite machine will soon come to the forefront of the world.

What is the process of Superfiber leather? There are two main processing techniques, wet impregnation and dry process. Among them, the dry physical process is mainly achieved through the leather Superfiber composite machine. So, what should a good leather Superfiber composite machine pay attention to?

A solvent, selection of base material, because of the uneven surface of superfine fiber substrate and fine fiber on the surface of the substrate, so the bottom material coating sizing, sizing weight than ordinary polyurethane synthetic leather base sizing is slightly larger, and should try to choose a weak solvent with low boiling point.

Two, because the leather superfine fiber produced by the company needs special characteristics of natural leather, such as water repellency, moisture permeability and breathability, so the requirement of product surface PU is also very high. In the selection and formulation of PU resin, we should try to use resins that meet the technical requirements of wear resistance, scratch resistance, hydrolysis resistance, flame retardancy, smoke suppression, breathability and water repellency. Meanwhile, comfortable touch and moderate elasticity are also needed for products.

Three, because the base material of microfiber synthetic leather has superfine fiber, even after treatment, the flatness of the substrate is also hard to achieve the satisfactory standard. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the selection of the adhesive base material for dry surface. When using leather super fiber laminating machine to do dry facing, the liquid base resin with high solid content and good adhesion should be selected as the best adhesive material. Some promoters and other accelerators should be added to help the bonding between the superfine fiber substrate and the synthetic leather surface.

Four, in the use of ultra fiber leather composite machine when the fitting to adjust the temperature of ironing roll. The ironing roller temperature is slightly higher, the wrap angle should be large, so that the substrate temperature is sufficiently hot ironing roller soft, reduce the surface resistance of adhesive, and then enter the contact pressure and fit. The temperature should not be too high in the five meter oven before the bonding roller, so that the solvent of the bottom material will slowly evaporate away. When it is semi dry, the temperature of the oven should not be too high. At the same time, the speed of the car should not be fast in production, so that the solvent can be completely evaporated.

Five, the synthesis of super fine leather on the market for more than 1.0mm thickness, so the production process in the cooling separation step, special attention should be paid to the product from the oven it cools, the transmission angles between each cooling roller, the roller to be big, otherwise it will cause damage to the release paper, release effect the life of paper. When separating the leather and paper, we should pay attention to the moderate angle. If the peel angle is small, it will easily cause the damage of the release paper. This is because the separation of leather and paper in the production of microfiber synthetic leather is easier to cause damage to the release paper than the ordinary polyurethane synthetic leather.

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