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The customization requirements of the composite machine mainly include five points

Mar 26, 2018

At present, the performance of some composite equipment has been close to and reached the level of imported equipment. Because of the continuous improvement of the function and the continuous improvement of the degree of automation, the domestic equipment has a high performance price ratio and the competitive advantage is becoming more and more obvious. Some packaging and printing enterprises originally used imported equipment began to turn to domestic equipment, and made the purchase of domestic equipment as a direction for future investment.

The processing of the composite machine will be more diversified and the functional configuration is more and more strong, such as light, die cutting, crosscutting, soft standard cutting and so on. Accordingly, the intaglio management system and remote technical support system will be used more and more. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of personalization, all parts from unwinding, printing to wiring, processing and winding will be modularized. The most important part will be the gravure barrow or gravure printing and flexible printing.

Do you know the customization requirements of the composite machine? Now we have to organize and share the following five points

1, specially customized composite machine equipment (limited width 300-2000mm) according to the different requirements of the customer.

2. The working speed is proportional to the material of the coating, the coating thickness, the length of the oven and the drying temperature.

3, oven heating conditions are: electric heating, steam heating, heating furnace for customers to choose.

4, the coating methods are: reticulated roll coating, double roll coating, three roll coating, five roll coating, comma blade coating, air knife coating and so on for customer selection.

5, the form of retractable rack is: manual lifting single station, hydraulic lifting single station, electric turnover double station, electric zipper, climbing double station, electric turn wheel type double station and so on, for customers to choose.

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