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The greatest advantage of using hot melt adhesive is hot melt adhesive

Mar 30, 2018

The greatest advantage of using hot melt adhesive is hot melt adhesive

Each kind of composite machine has its own advantages, otherwise it may not be chosen by the customer is not? So it is hot melt adhesive compound machine, the first widely used in hot melt adhesive compound machine of view, consumption of hot melt adhesive is currently in various industries, we make a more use of its benefits, its the advantages are many, in front of the site we have mentioned in the relevant article, very detailed introduction to the use of his methods and characteristics.

Hot melt adhesive is a need by heating the hot melt glue machine make solid glue into liquid, then the pressure system of plastic machine liquid rubber hose through the hot melts transported to the hot melt glue gun, a nozzle through the hot melt adhesive coating are bonded on the surface of an object to the adhesion.

Hot melt adhesive is different from thermosetting, solvent and water based adhesives.

Characteristics of hot melt adhesive without solvent, which are solid at room temperature, heated to the melting point of glue around into a liquid, with a certain degree of mobility, and shows excellent adhesive performance, can quickly and other objects are bonded together until after cooling can be bonded to form high bonding strength.

The non volatile solvent in the use of hot melt adhesive will not bring pollution to the environment, which is beneficial to the regeneration of resources and the protection of the environment.

Hot melt adhesive can be made into lump, thin film, strip or granular, and it is very convenient for packaging, storage, transportation and use.

Hot melt adhesive is easy to use, fast bonding speed, suitable for production automation, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.