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The introduction of the cutting machine part [Ponse cutting machine]

May 04, 2018

The introduction of the cutting machine part [Ponse cutting machine]

Power switch: turn the switch to the right side to turn on the power, otherwise turn off the power.

Power indicator light: the light indicates that the power has been connected.

Motor start button: press the button motor to start.

Set the depth of the handwheel: adjust the depth of the knife die (the downward adjustment is shallow, and vice versa).

Cut depth: adjust the depth of the cut (operation method: from 0.3 seconds adjusted, the longer the longer the depth of cutting, the most appropriate time from 0.5 to 0.8 seconds, if the 12 seconds are not deep enough, or too deep, then set the deep handwheel.) Note: the cutting depth should not be less than 0.3 seconds, otherwise the left side will not work. If the time is less than 0.2 seconds, the pressure plate will not rise. If the pressure on the left side is not too high on the right side, the time will be longer.

Set the depth nut: lock the depth of the handwheel, if not locked, the depth will be unstable.

Depth stroke switch: when you press down, you will touch the set depth handwheel, the power will be disconnected, otherwise it will press down.

Hands press the linkage cutting button: the two switch must be pressed at the same time, the upper pressure plate can be cut off, when the press board is under pressure, the two hands must leave the button, and the press board automatically rises. If the two hands are held down, the continuous cutting action will appear.

The height of recovery: the longer the mobilization time is, the higher the recovery will be, the slower it will be. The most suitable height is the distance between the knife die and the upper pressing plate is 10mm. Note: the depth of the handwheel should be higher than that of the deep stroke, otherwise the cutting button will not work properly.

Limit switch: general situation does not need to be transferred. If the height of the lift is high, the handle of the stroke switch can be adjusted downward.

Counter switch: turn the switch to the right turn on the counter.

Counter: when punching a counter, the corresponding number will be displayed, and the amount of work can be seen from this number.

Emergency brake: press the button to stop pressing down immediately. When the button is loose, the meeting will automatically resume. (the function is to protect the upper pressing plate from pressing down or not enough to press down, the upper pressboard can not rise normally, or press it to release again, then it will automatically pick up).

Emergency stop: press the button to stop the motor immediately, and the system stops working.

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