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The normal cutting precision of the hydraulic cutting machine

Mar 16, 2018

It is well known that the cutting precision of hydraulic cutting machine is much higher than that of mechanical cutting machine, especially the precision hydraulic cutting machine.

According to the standard requirements, the cutting accuracy of the hydraulic cutter can't be greater than 0.1mm, but it will often be higher than the value in actual use. I have seen that the accuracy of the machine that has been used for 3 years is greater than 2mm, and this situation is still a lot.

1, what affects the accuracy of the cutting machine

I think the impact of machine precision all users to be able to experience low efficiency: mainly for the often cut phenomenon constantly or middle can be surrounded by a continuous cutting cut, need to use a knife or scissors to cut off, it also greatly reduces the work efficiency; cutting plate consumption too fast: cutting time after the middle plate or a concave plate position in advance, early retirement, it is invisible to increase the cost of production; the knife mold easy bad: often without breaking knife mold

2, what factors depend on the accuracy of the machine

The precision of the machine depends on 3 aspects: the machining precision, the stability of the hydraulic system and the stability of the electrical control. Hydraulic system parts and electrical components are generally purchased parts. The quality is in good order: total imports, joint venture brands and domestic products (of course, this is not absolute), so the basic problem of outsourcing is Dachang or brand is not big. The remaining main is the mechanical part, because the domestic factory residuals are not homogeneous, so the machining precision and process are very different.

3, how to control or reduce the error of machine precision

Control to reduce error is divided into two parts: manufacturers and users of the above manufacturers are mainly from improving the machining accuracy and good mechanical process with the strict; as the main users of the machine to do daily maintenance work.