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The production of the noise of the cutting machine

Jan 11, 2018

1, the lack of hydraulic oil in the fuel tank, the suction of the oil pump or the blockage of the oil filter will cause the oil pump to be short of oil, resulting in the noise coming out of the oil bubbles and the impact on the blades. The solution is to check the oil volume, prevent air inhalation and filter.

2. High viscosity of hydraulic oil, increase flow resistance, need to replace the appropriate hydraulic oil.

3. Due to the damage of the bearings or blades of the oil pump or motor, the concentricity deviation of the coupling causes noise, and the concentricity or the replacement parts must be adjusted.

4, directional valve reaction failure, but the function is still in, such as valve wear, internal leakage, burr blockage, mobility is not flexible, electromagnetic valve failure due to the current is not good, it will also produce noise. The solution is to clean the valve core or replace the new parts, and the current must be stable and sufficient.

5. The damage of the hydraulic components or the obstruction of the oil pipeline makes the high speed flow of the hydraulic oil produce noise.

6, mechanical part of failure, machine parts lubrication, parts loose, should find out the reason to fasten or replace.