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The production of the noise of the cutting machine

Apr 09, 2018

The production of the noise of the cutting machine

1, the hydraulic oil in the tank is insufficient, the oil pump inhaled air or the oil filter is blocked by the dirt, which will cause the oil pump to lack oil, which causes the bubbles in the oil liquid to discharge the impact blade and produce noise. The solution is to check the amount of oil, prevent the air from inhaling and clean the filter.

2, hydraulic oil viscosity is high, increase flow resistance, need to replace the right hydraulic oil.

3, due to the damage of the bearings or blades of the oil pump or motor, the concentricity deviation of the coupling causes noise, so we must adjust the concentricity or replace the parts.

4, the direction valve response failure but the function is still in, such as the valve heart wear, internal leakage, burr blocking, movement is not flexible, the electromagnetic valve failure due to the current will also produce noise. The solution is to clean the valve core or replace the new parts. The current must be stable and sufficient.

5, hydraulic components damage or oil pipeline blockage, so that the high-speed noise of hydraulic oil produces noise.

6, mechanical parts failure, machine parts lubrication is not enough, parts loose, we should find out the reason to fasten or replace it.