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The reason why the down pressure of the cutting machine is not stopped

Apr 10, 2018

The reason why the down pressure of the cutting machine is not stopped

Many of the customers used to call to ask the reasons why the press will not stop. Today, the reasons for the pressure are listed by Ponse.

First, set the bracket to hold

The setting is used to adjust the height of the knife die. Under normal circumstances, the setting of the bump on the bracket and the worktable bump up and down to the micro switch to increase the timing; when the setting bracket is stuck, it will not fall along with the worktable, and the micro switch can not be hit, so the circuit has been electrifying the drop valve, and it also appears to be cut. The press can't stop at the bottom.

Second, fretting switch damage or circuit breakage

In the normal case, the microswitch is used as a test, that is, after setting the bump into the fretting, the timer starts to count (the time is very short, about a second to one second to one second), and the time has risen. If the microswitch is damaged or the circuit is broken, the setting of the set can not be detected, and the circuit will also be given to the drop valve, and the down pressure of the cutting machine will not stop.

Third, solenoid valve card death

The solenoid valve is the action execution element, the electricity is working, the power loss is reset, when the solenoid valve has the foreign objects, it can not be reset after the loss of electricity; that is, it does not give the electricity and perform the action. The circuit of the cutting machine needs to be out of power, but the electromagnetic valve itself will perform the downward pressing action.

Fourth, the relay contacts burn together

When the relay acts as a cutting machine, the relay will switch the power to the electric solenoid valve that needs action, and disconnect the power supply after the action ends. In actual use, a large amount of heat is generated by the relay for a long time, and the relay contact is glued together to cause the power supply to be cut off. The lower pressure will not stop when the contacts of the down pressure relay of the cutting machine are bonded together.