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The reasons for daily maintenance of oil cutting machine are put forward.

Apr 09, 2018

The reasons for daily maintenance of oil cutting machine are put forward.

For the long service life of the hydraulic cutting machine, the routine maintenance is indispensable. The maintenance work is done well, which can maintain the good performance of the cutter and maintain the service life of the parts. The daily maintenance matters of hydraulic cutting machine are as follows:

1, the oil pressure cutting machine must be cleaned regularly, and no lubricating oil can be stained, so as to avoid cutting objects and affecting the appearance of finished products.

2, the chopper should not be left with debris or oil. It is best to clean up every day to keep it clean.

3, pay attention to adding lubricating oil to other parts. If you want to rub it, you must wipe it clean.

4, after the cutting machine is used, we must clean up the surrounding area to keep the machine clean.

Two. Maintenance methods:

1. When using the oil pressure cutting machine, we should pay attention to whether the lubricating oil in the oil pot is displayed. If there is no display, there is no lubricating oil. Please fill in the oil again.

2, when lubricating oil is sent to the four sliding shaft, just shake the handle back and forth.

3, hydraulic oil is recommended to use 68# or 46# hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is usually renewed once a year.

4, the hydraulic cutting machine starts to lubricate four sliding axes after long term shutdown.