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The scope of the maintenance of the cutting machine and the matters needing attention in Ponse

Apr 19, 2018

1, after the first use of the machine for 3 months, the hydraulic oil should be replaced, and the oil filter net should be cleaned or replaced. The damage of the valve pump is not guaranteed due to the failure of replacement. Our company recommends that 46# hydraulic oil be used in hydraulic fluids.

2. Damage caused by super load.

3, defects caused by two injuries caused by natural disasters.

4, man-made accidents caused by negligence or erroneous treatment.

5. Loss items under normal function, such as hydraulic oil, relay, fuse, indicator lamp, switch, oil filter net, time system, cutting board, handle, drawing board, etc.

6. The warranty does not include the cost of the annex. For example, any personal injury or property damage caused by malfunction and troubleshooting during the operation.

7, the company reserves the right to decide the scope of repair and the scope of warranty.