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The setting of the cutter height of the cutting machine

Mar 09, 2018

1. Remove the sundries on the work table and place the die in the center of the rubber plate.

2. After the machine is moved, the handwheel will be loosened and the "pressure system" is left to zero.

3, turn the set switch right to the "knife mode setting" direction, and cut the press plate 13 to start slowly down to the tight knife die then automatically stop.

4, push the handwheel to the bottom and tighten it. The 04 setting switch system (left - spin) is transferred to the "cutting" position before the start of the recovery.

5, then press the brake switch, and the cutting plate will pick up immediately to the highest position, and the tool die is set at this time.

The adjustment of the cutting point of a semi-automatic precision four column cutting machine

1, setting of the knife mold work is completed, will be laid on the material on the plate, then put in the knife mold materials, and then promote the feed plate cutting area; 2, respectively, with both hands pressed 12 cutting switch, at this time decreased pressure on the cutting platen die cutter, cutter to cut off the material automatically after back to the position before starting to stop;

3, in the blanking material, such as material found not completely cutting when the cutting depth of 03 to adjust the controller, the "pressure system" to counter clockwise direction of rotation; such as knife rubber molded into too deep, will be "pressure system" to the counter clockwise rotation, adjustment of the longer the cutting depth is deeper, try to to adjust the cutter slightly pressed into the sheet so far;

4, the feeding plate is pulled out of the cutting area, and the material is removed, and a blanking process is completed.