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The temperature of the simple action plays a key role in the PUR composite machine

Mar 26, 2018

Temperature plays an important role in the PUR composite machine. Do you know how the PUR composite machine sets the temperature?

Normally, there is a temperature control inside the PUR hot melt adhesive machine. When the temperature of the new equipment is added to the set temperature, the motor switch is turned on, and the internal temperature control knob is adjusted. If the "bang" sound is heard, the motor can start. After normal use, there is no need to adjust the knob again.

Precautions of PUR composite machine

1. The rubber roll and the scraper are easily stuck in the foreign object. It must be cleared in time. Otherwise, the roll wheel will be killed.

2, if the range of the roller speed controller can not meet the requirements of production, the chain gear can be replaced.

3, to remind the customers that the addition of rubber particles should not be too much each time, can not exceed the glue slot two panels of the connection line.

4, factory operators must not leave long hair, if long hair must be set up. The user can not use any part of the body to contact the rubber roll and glue slot, so as not to cause scald.

5. The electricity consumption is very high during the process of heating and heating. It is necessary to pay attention to the fire caused by overloading and heating. Oil is required regularly, butter is used in the drive chain, and the roller bearings are used for lubricating oil to clean the foreign objects between the scraper and the rubber roller.

Supplementary knowledge: PUR hot melt adhesive compound machine boot is heated to the set temperature, must also determine the hot melt glue tank and roll on the melt completely before they can open the power switch off the motor; it must ensure that the motor power is off before you can turn off the heating power, otherwise it may cause excessive load of electrical components burned.

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