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The trend of the mechanical manufacturing skills of the cutting machine

Apr 11, 2018

The trend of the mechanical manufacturing skills of the cutting machine

In recent years, with the continuous development of modern science and technology, especially the further development of computer skills, we need to continuously improve the skills of machine making.

(1) the cutting machine is developing to high speed and strong cutting direction. The progress of structural design and manufacture of metal cutting machine tools and the application of new cutting tool data have made great progress in cutting power. At present, the spindle speed of the machine tool has reached 5000 R / min. (the spindle speed of some machining centers in the developed countries has reached 70 OOo R / min, the spindle speed of the high speed milling machine has now reached loo OOo R / min); the machine tool entering system is driven by DC or communication servo motor, and the large guide ball wire carries gearing drive. Fast forward speed up to 60m / M suck when selecting linear motor drive, the fast speed can reach 150 1 210 M / m with new tool data such as coating cemented carbide, ceramics, cubic boron nitride and so on, so that the conventional cutting speed is improved by 5— 10 times.

(2) the direction of cutting machine is toward hyperfine and fine processing skills. Fine and ultra fine processing skills. Slender processing and nanofabrication skills will be of great importance in the cutting-edge skills of microelectronic chips, optoelectronic chips, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMs), as well as in national defense. The machining accuracy has increased from 1ym in the early twentieth Century to o.o01ym, and has recently reached o.o01 o.1nm, that is, hyperfine processing. The development of ultra fine processing has effectively promoted the development of all kinds of new skills, and has become a key skill in invincible position in international competition.

(3) automation of the machine making system of the cutting machine. For the constant change of the customary market, the frequency of the renewal and replacement of mechanical and electrical goods is accelerating, and the production of many varieties and small and medium quantities will become the first type of production. Therefore, the automatic production skills will be further carried out in the direction of flexibility, integration, intelligence and network. The skills of cAD / cAPP / CAE / cAM (computer aided design / computer aided technical instruction / computer aided analysis / computer aided manufacture) are further improved, and the quality and processing power of many kinds of small and medium quantity goods are improved. Lean production (LP), agile manufacturing (AM) and other leading production management mode will dominate the manufacturing industry in twenty-first Century.

(4) the cutting machine mechanical green production skills. Considering the sustainable development of green production (no waste manufacturing) skills, such as society, environment and capital, it will cost the power and the original data at least, and take up the waste at least and take back the use as far as possible. It is not harmless to the environment during the whole life cycle of the commodity. It is lean production, flexible production, and production, The extension and development of sensitive production.