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Three composite fix machine tension control and winding unwinding technical problems

Mar 19, 2018

Control of partial tension in drying

If the expansion rate of the film is larger, the deformation is easier under tension. Therefore, we should adjust the current output and change the speed difference for different material films, so as to get a suitable tension value. If the thickness of the base material is not uniform, the pressure of the composite roll and coating roll will fluctuate, which causes the change of speed, that is, the tension is affected.

If the tension of this part is too small or no tension, that is, the speed of the coating roller is greater than or equal to the speed of the compound roller, which will cause the wrinkle of the membrane and even cause the phenomenon of film accumulation, which will affect the coating effect of the adhesive. However, it can not be too large. Because of the influence of drying temperature, too much tension will cause irreversible tensile deformation, even longitudinal wrinkles, which will result in the scrapping of composite membranes.

The drying part of the tension is caused by the velocity difference between the coating roll and the compound roll. In general, the speed of the composite roll is 0.05% - 0.1% larger than that of the coating roll, in order to ensure that the film is in a smooth state. In the dry composite machine, the speed difference between the composite roller and the coating roller is changed through the adjustment of the current, so as to adjust the tension of the middle dry part. This part of the tension is not only affected by the speed difference, but also with the actual substrate stretching rate, thickness change, drying temperature, drying zone length, film transmission speed and other factors.

Control of rewinding tension

The tension control between the coiling roll and the coating roll and the tension between the reel roll and the compound roll of the two base material is controlled. In the unwinding process, the passive tension tension is used. Therefore, with the decrease of the coil diameter and the tension must be kept constant, the magnetic powder brake must meet the requirement of constant tension through adjusting the rotational torque.

At the same time, because the distance between the two segments is relatively short, the setting of the initial value of the tension is smaller. It is worth noting that the heavier the film is. The larger the winding tension is, the wider the volume of the film is, the greater the tension is.

Control of winding tension

Winding tension control refers to the volume between the roller and the composite roller tension control. The torque is applied by the magnetic powder clutch to the roll core during the winding, and the tension is generated at the outer layer by the friction transfer force between the coiling layers, which is the winding tension. The purpose of its control is to roll the composite film into the best film roll.

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