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Three ways to understand the coating of the dry compound machine

Mar 29, 2018

Three ways to understand the coating of the dry compound machine

The use of composite machine should be industrialized after the light industry the necessary mechanical type, of course gehangrugeshan, not everyone is very familiar for composite machine, to introduce today is about three of the dry compound machine coating for everyone!

There are three ways of coating on the composite equipment, the coating on the roll on the roll, the coating on the reticle roll and the spray coating of hot melt adhesive.

The dry compound machine mainly uses coated reticle roll to carry on the coating to ensure that the coating is uniform and the coating amount is relatively accurate (but the coating amount is difficult to adjust).

The coating amount is mainly related to the mesh depth of the reticulated roll and the viscosity of the adhesive when the reticulated roll is coated.

The deeper the mesh depth of the reticulated roll is, the more the adhesive is transferred from the net point to the surface of the substrate, and on the other hand, the less the number of the transfer to the substrate surface.

As a result, some manufacturers tend to prepare different mesh rollers with different depth of net points according to the actual needs to meet the needs of different products for the amount of glue.

Viscosity of adhesive, it is not easy to transfer, too thin and easy to flow, make the gluing uneven, prone to vertical or horizontal flow pattern, so, once finalized type coating roller and adhesive, it is very difficult to adjust the amount of coating, the main defect is the roller coating.