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Troubleshooting and maintenance of belt embossing machine

Aug 09, 2018

Troubleshooting and maintenance of belt embossing machine

Maintenance is to better maintenance and prevention of equipment, intentional prevention is a kind of attitude and responsibility for equipment maintenance, so what are the daily maintenance methods of the belt embossing machine? For example, daily maintenance, Zhou Jianxiu, monthly maintenance, Ji Jianxiu, annual inspection and detailed maintenance work flow are as follows:

(1) the purpose of daily maintenance day maintenance is regular normal operation. The main maintenance parts are voltage switch, water filter and spark device. In detail, it needs to be tested and checked according to the actual conditions. For example, when checking the water filter, turn off the power supply and then clean it.

(two) Zhou Jianxiu a day inspection of a day on Monday test this is the practice, week inspection mainly check the main configuration of the leather embossing machine, electric wave interference device, grinding tools, pneumatic devices and so on to check, the cleaning of the equipment must be kept clean, small objects can cause a certain failure of the equipment.

(3) Monthly inspection and correction for the inspection of control equipment for leather equipment, such as circuit boards, control switches, temperature equipment, barometers. It is based on the control system detection, in many operations, due to overload, voltage shortage, sudden power outage and other detail conditions, the time to the control system caused certain degree of burn.

(four) seasonal inspection season has no effect on the leather embossing machine. Seasonal inspection mainly focuses on the hydraulic oil and valve pump, filter net, drawing board, fuse and so on for seasonal inspection, such as hydraulic oil, the new machine manufacturer reiterates the replacement of hydraulic oil after 3 months, and cleaning and replacing the filter oil net. Because the new leather machine is very strict for the first use of hydraulic oil, it needs to adapt to the hydraulic oil, the good hydraulic oil can better play the performance, for a long time without cleaning, it may cause damage to the valve pump parts.

(five) the annual inspection and repair range is large, mainly for key parts transformer, electromagnetic valve, relay, oil cylinder, motor oil pump, emergency brake switch and other maintenance, as well as large cleaning operation. After the understanding of preventive maintenance, there is a general idea for general malfunctions. If oil leakage, abnormal operation, reduced pressure, can play a role in operation, such as the causes of sudden failures and the corresponding solutions? The corresponding treatment as follows: 1, the leakage of oil leakage is due to the oil cylinder or oil seal aging or, high pressure pipe joint loosening, the solution can be replaced oil seal and tighten oil seal.

2, can start but can not work in this kind of fault is more common, the switch is bad, the solenoid valve node coil burned, the stroke adjustment handle loose and so on, this kind of fault can explain the reason that the leather machine can start not to work.

The 3. operation is not normal, the pressure reduces the pressure requirement of the leather embossing machine relatively high, is willing to lie in the pressure oil viscosity decrease, the single head solenoid valve failure, the control single head valve J2 relay burned, the main relay contact bad condition can completely affect the leather machine pressure to a certain extent! The fixed time maintenance is limited to alleviate the performance and life of the equipment, the good and bad of the equipment directly affect the quality and efficiency of the industry. There are many other maintenance techniques similar to the daily maintenance methods of the belt embossing machine. Practice is often the key to solve the problem. As a machine repair, in addition to the professional skills, the attitude is the Kung Fu and the skill. The more you learn, the better you can be a qualified leather embossing machine.