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Understanding the concept and use characteristics of the composite machine in a broad sense

Mar 20, 2018

The concept and definition of the composite machine

The composite machine in recent years, often hear people mention the word, that is exactly what the composite machine? In a broad sense, it is two or more, the same can also is not the same material, heated to melt state or semi melted composite equipment, as a whole, some materials are not suitable for heating melt. Can also use a special adhesive compound as a whole. What needs to be understood here is: the material here refers to cloth, paper, plastic, rubber sheet materials, and so on.

The composite machine on the Internet search results are mostly digital composite machine with copy function, but also because the digital copier has multiple functions, the digital copier is widely in office equipment, so in search of composite machine, digital copier more search results. The composites are glued on the materials such as the casting film, the air permeable film and the non-woven fabric. It is suitable for baby paper diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant packing bags and other industry products.

What is a double glue type composite machine? What uses and features do you have?

Double glue type composite machine: it is the bonding of two layers and above materials with adhesive, so that the original material can have new functions through adhesion. A simple example, such as thin film and aluminum foil, thin film, paper, nonwoven fabric, is often used. The common soft packaging materials in industry are basically compound products.

Its application: the double glue type composite machine is suitable for the fabric, non-woven fabric, sponge and other fabrics on the surface of the fabric. Its characteristics: double glue type composite machine with double slurry tank, can two layers of fabric at the same time glue to improve the fastness of adhesion.

What are the features of the equipment of the composite machine?

1, in accordance with the needs of the selection of DC motor or frequency converter linkage, so that the machine has a better control.

2. The composite belt has an automatic infrared offset device, which can effectively prevent the belt from running off and prolong the service life of the mesh belt.

3, the heating system of the compound machine can be divided into two groups. Users can choose heating mode (group or two group) according to need, which can effectively save energy and reduce production cost.

4, the two layers of material can be glued together to make the compound fastness better. It can also be used to glue three layers of thin material on one time to improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.

5, double glue trough mesh belt compound and high temperature net belt press, make the composite material fully contact with the drying cylinder, improve the drying effect, make the processed material soft, washable and fastness good.

The above content is the introduction of the concept and use characteristics of the composite machine, hoping to bring some inspiration to the new users.