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What are the blanks of the cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

Apr 20, 2018

What are the blanks of the cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

Cutting machine blank manufacturing is part of the production process of parts, and is the first step from raw materials to finished products. The material of the blank is determined by the structure, size, use and condition of the spare parts. The type of the blank is mainly determined by the material, shape and production properties of the wool cup.

The common blanks are roughly the following.

1, casting blank:

The shape is complex and the strength requires wood; the rough parts of Gou are suitable for casting. The materials for castings can be cast iron, cast steel or coloured metal. According to the output and accuracy requirements of parts, the same casting method can be used.

2, forging blank:

Forged parts with strong strength are the most suitable parts for forging. The main material is a variety of carbon steel and alloy steel. The manufacturing methods include white forging, die forging, die forging and precision die forging. In large and large production, the forging blank is generally used, the precision and production rate of this kind of forging are very high; the single piece and small batch production are forged freely; the medium batch production can be partly used for the die forgings and part of the die forgings.

3. Rolling blanks:

The cutting blanks include various cold drawn and hot rolled materials, with circular, hexagonal, square and cross section sections. All kinds of bar rods used for automatic lathes are made of cold steel.

4, extruded piece wool:

It is used for some non-ferrous metals and sodium materials with good plastic deformation. Cold extrusion (including a cold) is widely used in all kinds of extrusion bolt and nut and a pin. Cold extrusion (or hot extrusion) is applied to some gear and finishing parts, and is suitable for mass production and mass production.