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What are the characteristics of the ultrasonic composite machine

Mar 20, 2018

What are the characteristics of the ultrasonic composite machine

1., the welding time is short, the ultrasonic automatic suture is free from needles, which saves the trouble of changing needle lines frequently. The stitching speed is 5 to 10 times that of sewing cars, and the width is determined by customers.

2. because the needles are not used, it avoids the suture processing with the broken needle residue in the material, and eliminates the hidden danger, which belongs to the new generation of safety and environmental protection products.

3. no broken connections of traditional suture, adhesion force, embossed surface is more clear, three-dimensional relief effect, more upscale appearance;

4. after processing, the finished product has no needle hole and no seepage, and it is more waterproof and warm.

5., the use of roller mold, easy to mold change, can stitch out the ever-changing and complex discontinuity and symmetry patterns, and can also develop various flower patterns according to customer needs.

6., the machine is highly intelligent and intelligent. The infrared automatic edge control system can automatically correct all layers of materials, keep the upper and lower materials always aligned, and the processing loss is low, and the products are more smooth and stable.

Technical parameters of ultrasonic composite machine

Frequency: 15KHZ,

Output power: 12KW

Appearance size: 8000MM*2000MM*2300MM

Efficiency: 5-10M/MIN

Weight: 2800KG

Application range of ultrasonic composite machine

Car tarpaulin, car hood coverings, luggage bags, footwear, shoes, clothing wear cotton padded jacket, windbreaker, pillow, quilt, mattress, bedspread, cushion and pillow mat, tablecloth, curtain, bath curtain, cold proof gloves, baby pad moisture proof pad, home decoration, wardrobe, storage storage tent, wardrobe, washing machine cover mummy bag, bottle, thermos bag, blanket, cosmetic bags, suit sets, bed cabinet, sauna cover, shoe bag hanging box bag, PVC pool bottom etc..