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What are the common problems in the sucking process?

Apr 26, 2018

1, drawing: when plastic molding, because of the height of the mold and the angle, the structure of the shelf, and other reasons, the edge of the product will appear on the edge of a line phenomenon, seriously affecting the appearance, usually as the secondary treatment.

2, color: the difference of color usually appears on the batching of the sheet manufacturer, and there may be different color differences on the different pieces of sheet, but this situation will not have a great influence.

3, perforation: in the molding process, due to the uneven thickness of the material, the temperature control is not accurate at that time, the perforated situation will appear, the perforated plastic products are generally regarded as bad products, do not make the positive goods out of the warehouse.

4, scratch: the phenomenon of scraping and scraping on the surface of the plastic product is the most easy to happen. In the process of production and packaging, if it is not handled properly, it will lead to the scratch on the surface of the plastic product and leave a trace, and it becomes a bad product.

5, deformation: the main reason for the deformation of the plastic products is the appearance of temperature adjustment, material bubbles, and impurities, which will cause plastic deformation, not in place, can not reach the requirement of plastic molding, so that the packaging materials can not be put into the discarded.

6, water ripple: mainly in the production process of sheet material, the surface water wave of PVC sheet is the most common, the general situation can be accepted, the big wave will be discarded to the high demand and become a bad product, so it can only be improved by the sheet manufacturer.

7, bubble: generally appear in the production process of material in the process of air infiltration into the plastic, caused by the bubble phenomenon, in this case, too large bubbles will affect the appearance, so these will become inferior.

8, crystal point: due to the inadvertent entry of the raw material in the production process of the material and the dust in the air, the sheet produced in the production will be defective and become a bad product.