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What are the cutters of the cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

Apr 26, 2018

What are the cutters of the cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

There are two types of cutting tools commonly used in cutting machines: iron mould and laser cutter.

Laser cutter die cutting machine is the equipment that has been developed in recent years. This equipment mainly uses the strong energy of laser to make high depth ablation to the tool template, so as to achieve the purpose of installing the cutting tool. This process is compared with the traditional processing technology:

(1) the design is simple. The traditional processing is to draw with a pencil or ball point pen on the knife plate, and then the cutter die cutting. And after the laser tool die machine is used, the design can be carried out directly on the computer without any description.

(2) the error is small. In the traditional production, the knife template is saw by the sawing machine. In the process of moving, the error will be formed and the laser cutter die machine is fully automatic and does not need manual intervention.

(3) high efficiency. The traditional processing method is slow by the influence of the site equipment, while the laser die cutter is large format and non-contact, and it can run in 24 hours. Therefore, the application of laser knife cutting machine can obviously accelerate the development of enterprises and increase economic benefits. In the printing industry, it is mainly used for cutting and cutting carton models.