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What are the lightweight design factors for the fuselage of the composite machine

Mar 22, 2018

The design of the 185E fuselage is very ingenious. The size of its main body is 570 * 531 * 449mm, and its weight is only 23.6kg. As a compound machine, such a fuselage is very light and does not occupy unnecessary space.

The machine is equipped with a shortcut function key to realize many functions, such as the combination manuscript. It is equipped with a liquid crystal display screen, and has the unique LED state display lamp and the striking error indicator lamp. Even if the user is far away from the device, it can also see the working state of the device at a glance.

Prolong the service life of the composite rubber cloth washing machine correctly, should cultivate civilized production work habits, a product of printing, grease, blanket sheets wool, sundries, ink blot, wetting liquid, timely cleaning agent for cleaning blanket. To prevent the compression of the rubber cloth.

When the offset press is running normally, the pressure of the rubber cloth is full and uniform, so there will not be a compression deformation in a certain part. If the machine is discontinued for a long time, remove the rubber cloth and put it on the table in order to prevent the rubber layout from being pressed and deformed.

Coating compound machine is widely used in coating packaging materials, frozen food, dried food, medicine and daily necessities and composite, but also can be used to smooth the surface of the aluminum foil glass paper polyamide and polyethylene and polypropylene composite film, composite film has the advantages of high strength, waterproof, breathable, anti oil, refrigeration, cooking etc..