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What are the process requirements for the operation of the composite machine?

Mar 23, 2018

The compound machine needs to glue glue or ink material on the surface of aluminum foil, plastic film or fabric, which requires higher coating technology. It requires not only high uniformity of coating, but also high speed and non stop machine to increase the production efficiency.

The composite machine adopts short inking system for ink ink, reel material printing, gravure printing machine, high speed gravure long cycle, seihan expensive, suitable for mass production of labels.

The sticker produced by gravure press is fine, rich in layers, and most of the film labels are rolled to roll, and volatile and dry ink is needed. Offset printing can be used to print thicker plastic materials for mass printing.

The cold bonding of the composite machine is mainly the method of applying the external pressure to make the patch patch together through pressure sensitive adhesive. Cold fitting is mainly suitable for the bonding of hot sensitive materials.

For example, some inkjet printer's ink will melt when heated, and some printers use heat sensitive paper to print. In those cases, cold sticking machine is the best choice. The following is more suitable for cold fitting: one side fitting, if you only want to add a binder on the back of the file, you can use cold fitting.