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What factors need to be considered when choosing a bonding machine

Mar 28, 2018

There are two basic types of bonding machines in the market, that is, cold fitting and hot fitting. What are the factors that enterprises need to consider when they choose to buy a bonding machine? First follow the small editor to understand the concept of hot fitting and cold fitting.

Hot laminating concept

Thermal bonding is the most widely used form of bonding. Depending on the material, it usually needs to be heated to a higher temperature. Hot laminating can provide better performance products fit, fit the abrasion resistance, and not easy to crack. The method of thermal bonding is applicable to materials that are not affected by heating.

Cold fitting concept

Cold bonding is mainly a method of applying external pressure to make the patch bonding together by pressure sensitive adhesive. Cold fitting is mainly suitable for the bonding of hot sensitive materials. For example, some inkjet printer's ink will melt when heated, and some printers use heat sensitive paper to print. In those cases, cold sticking machine is the best choice.

The following is more suitable for cold fitting:

One side fitting, if you only want to add a binder on the back of the file, you can use cold fitting.

All fit in the text on both sides at the same time, but also on the back and back. When needed, the sticker that can be tore open on the back will paste the document on different surfaces, such as the surface of glass or wood.

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