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What is the cutting machine for leather products? [Ponse cutting machine]

May 03, 2018

What is the cutting machine for leather products? [Ponse cutting machine]

Leather goods, all or main parts made of leather, with practical value. There are wheels, Harness Harness, holster, oil seal, leather shoes, leather clothing, leather suitcase, leather ball and so on. It can be used in the fields of industry, agriculture, quartermaster and daily life. Leather products are durable, flexible, easy to deform, and have good hygienic properties.

The characteristics of leather cutting machine: when the cutting head acts on the processed object through the tool die, the pressure in the oil cylinder does not reach the rated pressure. The pressure will increase with the increase of the contact time, until the electromagnetic reversing valve receives the signal, the reversing valve is changed and the cutting head starts to reset; then the oil is reset. The pressure in the cylinder is limited by the pressure time to enter the cylinder, and it may not reach the rated pressure value; that is to say, the system pressure has not reached the design value, and the punching cutting has been completed.

There are three kinds of leather cutting machines in Ponse: first, common manual cutting machines, two, automatic feeding cutting machines, and three automatic feeding and cutting machines.