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What is the difference between a composite machine and a copier

Mar 21, 2018

When it comes to the composite machine, it is estimated that most friends think it is a copier, but there is a difference between them.

In order to make a better distinction between the compound machine and the copier, the little editor will tell the friends about it!

The first is the working principle, the ordinary copier is the optical analog image by direct projection optical system to produce electrostatic charge by the photosensitive drum, but the working principle of composite machine is to make the sensor through exposure, then you can form optical conversion the analog image signal, and then the image signal through digital processing input to the laser modulator

Because the compound machine has almost all functions of duplicator, such as printing, scanning and fax, etc., the digital complex machine is based on copy function, standard or optional printing, scanning, fax function and so on. According to the need, we edit the image and text.

Also has a relatively large memory, for a variety of office tasks can be processed to meet large task requirement, but also large amounts of data can be saved, is a modern office equipment can not replace a product. It has certain advantages in appearance, will not take up more time.