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What is the oil pressure cutting bed? [Ponse cutting machine]

Apr 26, 2018

What is the oil pressure cutting bed? [Ponse cutting machine]

The oil pressure cutting bed is an indispensable equipment in some light industry. In traditional view, the oil pressure cutting machine is a machine for punching the non-metallic materials by means of the action force of the machine. In modern times, some changes have taken place in the oil press, and advanced technologies such as high pressure water beam and ultrasonic wave have been used in the cutting and cutting technology of leather. However, these equipment are still in the equipment of oil pressure cutting bed.

Application range of oil pressure cutting bed: suitable for foam, cardboard, textile, plastic material, leather, rubber, packaging material, floor material, carpet, glass fiber, cork and other non-metallic materials through the tool with the aid of the machine's punching pressure to realize the cutting and cutting of the material.

The characteristic of the oil pressure cutting bed is that when the cutting head is acting on the processed object through the tool die, the pressure in the cylinder does not reach the rated pressure. The pressure will increase with the increase of the contact time, until the electromagnetic reversing valve receives the signal, the reversing valve is replaced, the cutting head starts to reset, and the oil cylinder is at this time. The internal pressure is limited by the pressure of the oil cylinder, and it may not reach the rated pressure value; that is to say, the system pressure has not reached the design value, and the punching cut is completed.