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What is the plastic mat for a cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

May 02, 2018

What is the plastic mat for a cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

The plastic cushion plate of the cutting machine is PP material.

PP board (polypropylene) use range: widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, building formwork, automobile, textile, mining area, sewage treatment, acid and alkali resistant equipment, environmental protection equipment, wastewater, exhaust emission equipment, washing tower, dust free room, semiconductor factory and related industry equipment, hardware electroplating equipment, plastic electroplating Equipment, electrolyzer, filtration equipment, acid and alkali fittings processing and so on.

Characteristics: the polypropylene plate is small density, easy to process, has superior resistance to chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, durable, reliable electrical insulation, high mechanical strength, and good chemical stability. Nontoxic and tasteless is currently one of the most environmentally friendly engineering plastics.

Color: the PP board is generally milky white and translucent, and it can also be arranged according to the user's need color, allowing slight collocation and speckle.