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What is the simple fault diagnosis method for the cutting machine

Apr 04, 2018

What is the simple fault diagnosis method for the cutting machine

The simple fault diagnosis method of the cutting machine is the most common method at present. It is based on the personal experience of the maintenance personnel, using simple instruments according to the failure of the hydraulic system. It is objective to use the methods of asking, watching, listening, touching and smelling to understand the work situation of the system, and to analyze, diagnose and determine the cause of the failure. The specific methods are as follows:

1) ask the equipment operator and understand the operation status of the equipment. Including: whether the hydraulic system work is normal; the hydraulic pump has abnormal phenomenon; the time and result of the detection cleanliness of the hydraulic oil; the cleaning and replacement of the filter core; whether the hydraulic components are adjusted before the failure; the replacement of the sealing element; what abnormal phenomena occurred in the hydraulic system before and after the failure; the system has appeared in the past. What is the trouble and how to eliminate it? We need to know one by one.

2) look at the actual situation of the hydraulic system of the cutting machine, and observe whether there are any problems in the system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration and so on.

3) listen to the sound of hydraulic system of hydraulic cutting machine, such as impact sound, noise and abnormal sound of pump, and determine whether the work of hydraulic system is normal.

4) touch the temperature, vibration, crawl and the degree of tightness of the joint to determine whether the working state of the moving parts is normal.

In conclusion, the simple diagnosis method is a simple qualitative analysis, which is widely applicable for fast judgement and troubleshooting.