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What is the use range of the automatic hot melt adhesive machine

Mar 28, 2018

Hot melt glue machine is used to do what, what are the characteristics? Automatic hot melt laminating machine is used for hot melt adhesive glue, glue, glue, glue, glue the machinery automation equipment. Automatic hot-melt adhesive machine is widely used in automobile industry (automobile lamp manufacturing, automobile windshield assembly, automobile interior seal, automobile air filter).

1. packaging industry (cigarette packing, carton packaging, beverage packaging)

2. coating compound industry (trademark paper, label double-sided tape, medical ventilated tape)

3. home appliances (sanitary napkins, rat catcher, diaper, cockroach house disposable supplies)

4. other industries (printing, electronic product assembly, clothing, non-woven fabric, shoe industry, nonstick)

UR hot melt adhesive composite is applied to the extent to which opportunity? (toy adhesive, fixed, wiring, insulation); box sealing, packaging bags; leather handbags; small household appliances, wires, connectors, connectors; sound, frame; tag; fixed hardware; small paper is glued and fixed; small ornaments, handicrafts, hairpin; electronic products, adhesive and other fixed insulation; need to use manual or semi-automatic use glue.

Application of composite fabric "high technology and new materials of new synthetic fiber", with many excellent properties (compared with ordinary synthetic fiber), such as fabric performance, fine clean delicate, elegant, warm, fabric appearance plump, windproof, breathable, have certain waterproof function.

Its main features are warm and breathable. The fabric has another feature: good abrasion resistance, ultra-fine fabric feels soft, breathable and moisture permeable, so it has obvious advantages in tactile and physiological comfort.

The crease resistance of microfiber fabric is poor, which is due to the softness of the fiber and the elastic recovery after wrinkle. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the composite technology is adopted, which greatly improves the drawback of the microfiber fabric. The composite fabric is a popular coat fabric in Europe and America.

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