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What problems may be encountered in the working process of the mechanical rocker arm cutting machine

Dec 25, 2017

Mechanical rocker cutter can't be no problem in the daily production process. For general faults and abnormal problems, how do we deal with them? Here's a few simple questions.

When the machine is on the boot, press the handle switch and press plate. If it doesn't press down, check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct. When adjusting and checking the cutting machine, we must turn off the power and operate again.

The abnormal sound of the machine and the abnormal pressure of the press board, please close the power and stop the use immediately, and notify the maintenance personnel. To continue the operation after the inspection is unmistakable

In the process of using the pull-down handle switch, if the upper pressure plate is connected for two times, the wood brake below can be adjusted to tighten it.

When the handwheel is used to adjust the pressure plate, the hand wheel lock must be locked so as to avoid the automatic sinking of the press plate by the handwheel rotation in the process.

The newly installed machines can be placed under the four corners of the underneath with rubber, cardboard, cloth and other materials. Make the machine more stable and lower the noise