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What safety measures need to be taken for the maintenance and maintenance of the hot-melt composite machine

Mar 30, 2018

What safety measures need to be taken for the maintenance and maintenance of the hot-melt composite machine

Before carrying out the maintenance and maintenance of the hot melt adhesive machine, we must first cut off the power supply of the hot melt adhesive machine and the total power connected to the outside, so that no live operation can be carried out. When doing dismantling and maintenance work, workers should not wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other conductive accessories to prevent accidents.

Only qualified personnel can maintain the hot melt glue machine. In any case, do not touch the connector that may be exposed to the outside world or other elements that are connected and are not loosened.

The hot melt adhesive compound machine maintenance and repair must wear safety gloves, goggles and long sleeved clothes, avoid scalding hot glue liquid body parts are high temperature, or high temperature burn surface element.

Do not disassemble and check any parts on the hot-melt machine unless you have enough knowledge of the performance of the equipment. Unless someone else is assisting beside him, and in case of accident, due to mechanical damage or personal injury, it can be immediately given to help or first aid. Otherwise, it is not necessary to disassemble and repair the hot melt adhesive equipment alone.

When the pressure joint is loosened or installed, it must be determined that the pressure of the pressure source provided for the hot-melt machine has been reduced to zero. Hot melt adhesive glue cleaning tank, avoid using hard or sharp tools of fireworks, so as not to scratch the glue barrel inside the Teflon non adhesive coating.

Before the replacement of components or remove the element protection device on a mobile hot melt machine, you must first cut off the power supply. If possible, try to stand on a plastic blanket for maintenance. Do not maintain the hot-melt glue machine in a flooded floor or very wet environment.

If there is pressure or hot melt glue leak, do not continue to operate and use hot melt adhesive machine. First, stop the work of hot melt glue machine, cut off the power supply, and reduce the operation pressure to zero value, then repair it.