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Which performance advantages of Jiangsu Ponse hot melt adhesive machine

Mar 27, 2018

The new type of hot melt adhesive machine has a unique and reasonable way of sizing, so that the sizing of the glue is very uniform. At the same time, it can be processed by water and oil adhesive. The unique way of sizing, effectively saving the amount of glue.

The products processed by hot melt adhesive composite machine have the advantages of soft cloth, good handle, waterproof and breathable, and dry and wet washing. The product after processing basically does not change the original texture of the cloth, which is the effect that the traditional hot melt adhesive machine can't achieve.

The working principle of the bonding machine

The working principle of the bonding machine is mainly to use PLC as the control center of the whole system to implement the full process operation. The PLC controls the pneumatic components by the output pulse of the specific pulse output. The pur block dry particle machine enables the LCD alternately rotating platform to move accurately to the location in the circumferential direction according to the predetermined position.

The bonding machine works: the adhesive (glue) is evenly transferred to the bonding substrate through the roller, then the other side is bonded to the substrate to overlap, and the bonding process is completed through the bonding and drying of the big wheel, drying the adhesive (glue).

Capacitive touch screen laminating machine is slightly different: capacitive touch screen laminating machine is a main equipment of LCD industry, mainly for optical and rigid material hard to hard combination, such as between two layers of glass substrate with optical double-sided adhesive (OCA) adhesive, pressing component in a vacuum state, effective to overcome the process defects such as bubbles and rainbow pattern, is a necessary process in the combined process of touch panel.

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