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Why Cutting Machine?

Jun 23, 2017

Why Cutting Machine?

Cutting machine is also the beam cutting machine. The key feature compared with other cutting presses, full beam cutting area is same dimension with the bottom area as usual in theory. It can be equiped with 1 cylinder, 2 cylinders or four cylinders. In China, double-cylinder with four columns is most popular type. 

Compared with swing arm and travelling head cutting machine, the full beam cutting machine allows bigger cutting die cutting which can be wide as the cutting head/beam. As well, it can allow several cutting dies nesting together by one cut. It can increase the output accordingly. 

Additionaly, it's easy to operate and allows without moving the materials, and confirm the cutting precision, and cutting die by pressing the buttons. 

What's more, beam cutting machine is available for material in sheet or in roll. As it is easily equiped with PLC(programmable logic controller), automatic cutting without labor, adjusting can be realized by clamp tool or belt feeding conveyor. As well the feeding table, can be set both sides allows 2 workers working together.

Another important function for beam cutting machine is, it has no limited open and max long storke of 190mm which is suitable for multi-layer materials cutting of thick packaing foam.

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