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Why is there no pressure and Countermeasures for cutting machine?

Apr 10, 2018

Why is there no pressure and Countermeasures for cutting machine?

If there is no pressure on the cutting machine, there will be more failures. What is the reason why the cutting machine is not stressed? According to the general situation analysis, most of the pressure failures are hydraulic components and hydraulic accessories. Here we are to analyze the reasons:

Cause 1:

The oil pump is empty or damaged; the oil pump is the core component of the whole system pressure. The whole system is pressurized by the oil pump; therefore, if the pump inhaled air or damage, the effect of the pressure on the system is huge. If the general oil pump is empty or damaged, it will see many bubbles in the hydraulic oil, or there will be abnormal noises. The most direct way is to directly connect the pressure pump to the oil pump.

Solution: replace or repair the oil pump.

Cause 2:

The leakage or damage of the hydraulic valve; any leakage in the hydraulic system will affect the establishment of the pressure; the leakage of the hydraulic valve is the most difficult to be found. Generally, the leakage is generally difficult to be observed by the internal leakage of the naked eye; there is a simple method that is not necessarily accurate but very effective, which is to turn the upper work to the maximum and turn off the machine. Whether there will be a slide on the work table, and if there is a proof that the system has leakage of other joints and other external written teeth can roughly determine whether the valve has leakage.

Solution: replace the hydraulic valve.

Cause 3:

The oil cylinder seal is damaged or leaking; the leakage of the cylinder seal is the most difficult to check. This method requires a certain mechanical base technology; the method is to dismantle the pipe with the rod cavity, and after pressurization, if the oil outflow proves that the seal is leaked, it is proved to be normal.

Solution: replace the seal or oil cylinder.

Cause 4:

The oil leakage of the external connector or seal is obvious, and the external leakage is obvious. The general rest state and pressure state can be observed in the naked eye.

Solution: repair oil spill parts or replace parts.

Cause 5:

The quality of oil or oil is too poor, which will cause the oil pump to empty or wear ahead.

Solution: please keep enough oil and oil quality, and regularly replace hydraulic oil on time.