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Working principle of Ultrasonic embossing machine

Jul 17, 2017

Main working principle of Ultrasonic embossing machine:

        The high-frequency high-current flow of ultrasonic embossing machine is made of a copper pipe which is wound around a ring or other shape. The magnetic flux is generated in the coil with instantaneous variation in polarity, and the magnetic flux is passed through the mold to the material The surface in the material and heating current in the opposite direction will produce a corresponding large eddy current. Because there is resistance in material, so will produce a lot of Joule heat so that the temperature of material itself to rise rapidly to achieve the brand on the mark.


1. Indentation can be adjusted according to the embossing roll

2. Indentation changes make the product more beautiful and more contemporary

3. Special mechanical design plus torque motor, to ensure that the winding volume, constant tension

4. Imported ultrasonic system to enhance the product firmly stitching strength and uniformity, greatly improving production efficiency

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