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A Simple Understanding Of The Advantages Of A Fully Automatic Computer CNC Cutting Machine

Jan 02, 2018

The computer control and servo motor cooperate with the cylinder to compress material and control the lateral movement of the pressure head by the screw rod. It can precisely adjust the position of the pressure head, drive the screw rod to control the feeding time, the feeding distance and the feeding speed. Ensure maximization of material saving.

The main engine adopts four - column guide, double crank balance and hydraulic drive, which ensures the cutting speed and precision of the machine. With automatic lubrication system, the service life and precision of the machine can be ensured. Special specifications can be specially designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the customer.

The computer control and the servo motor cooperate to achieve the free rotation of the pressure head, and can set the pressure head to rotate to any angle, and can reach the speed of one knife per second. In the case of continuous working, each knife can be cut in different angles to maximize the material saving.

The automation of machinery is an inevitable trend. The rise of labor cost makes industrialization more manpower. In order to solve artificial problems, it is necessary to accelerate the investment of technology. Therefore, the automatic computerized numerical control push plate feeder cutter is born.

This machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of metal materials by molding tool die. For example: sheet material, suction plastic, pearl film packaging, rubber, printing and other industries.

Computer control: pressure head automatic walk and die punching, automatic setting of blanking times, high accuracy, positioning accuracy up to 0.2mm, saving materials, improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity.