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A Simple Understanding Of The Principle And Function Of The Grinding Machine

Dec 27, 2017

The cutting machine is the type of light industry needs, the use and production of cutting machine in Chinese is perfect, but for cutting machine understanding believe that there are still many do not really understand, after all, is a simple operation to know enough, here's a simple understanding of grinding principle of cutting machine in Shimonoseki side!

Grinding is a fine metal layer removed from the surface of the workpiece by the abrasive particles on the surface of the grinding wheel.

Work alone each particle can be seen as a negative rake angle, and the grinding wheel can be seen as the right JJ cutter has teeth, but the knife tooth is composed of many scattered sharp edges, the shape is not a big difference, cutting edge, distribution is irregular.

The towel is sharp and protruding abrasive particles can be obtained and cut out a large cutting depth cutting, abrasive only on the workpiece surface carved fine grooves less protruding, workpiece material is pushed to the groove on both sides and uplift.

The hydraulic cutting machine blunt or concave abrasive particles, they can only produce a slip up on the surface of the workpiece.

Therefore, the essence of grinding is the comprehensive effect of three processes, cutting, carving and sliding.