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Analytical Cutting Machine

Jan 15, 2018

Cutting machine / cutting machine in cutting, in order to effectively cut off the material to prevent knife mold damage, will be in the cutter edge direction configuration of a metallic plate. In order to cut materials, effectively protect the knife mold extend noodles cutter, but also prevent the machine production and direct metal metal impact vibration the machine use.

But in recent years a lot of industry product quality requirements are increasingly high, such as: electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, export and other required plastic products, the products of higher quality requirements. Its products after cutting edge smooth, no edges. It also appeared in the cutting machine cutting materials directly used for cutting cutting steel plates. The knife mold directly on the steel plate cutting to make products with good results, the edge is smooth without burr, greatly improve the product quality.

But in pursuit of product quality, it also puts forward more severe conditions for the cutting machine. At present, most machines in the market cannot meet the appeal requirements according to strict conditions. Why?

We try to understand the cutting machine manufacturers: good general mechanical part of machine precision will be controlled within 0.1mm, small manufacturers will be more than 0.2mm and the hydraulic system response time and adjust the depth of time relay reaction time difference, the accuracy will be greater than the actual value. It can really appeal to meet the requirements, when using the machine repeat cutting precision can not exceed 0.05mm

Why do so many manufacturers have also been in use, can be cut? In fact, you look will find that most manufacturers are cutting die cutting plate on the back of the back or padded with a plank of wood, there is compression, error of the machine most of the elastic wood fell despite the offset. So there are a lot of knife mold was broken, often happens constantly, very affect the production efficiency.

Here reminding the users:

1, the thickness of the back of the cutter die or the back of the plate on the back of the steel plate

2, the steel plate does not choose the hardness of the normal stainless steel material can be too hard

3, try not to choose time control, the choice of position control will get better cutting effect

The above is a few points for the selection of machines, for reference when you choose and buy.

If the conditions can choose position control or pressure control can get better effect of cutting, position control optional direct impact position switch, adjustment is simple and convenient, safe and reliable. The pressure control available PLC, man-machine interface, with the use of proportional valve can be stored in a program memory made of die cutter, cutter replacement can be directly application switching. And there is a stable pressure, not to hurt the cutter, cutting effect is good, has no need to set, so as to improve the production efficiency, reduce the use of cost