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Auto-feeding Hydraulic Cutting Machine Introduction

Mar 29, 2018
  1. The machine is applicable for whole-broken or semi-broken operation of various  nonmetal slices materials by die cutter, for example: such industries as plastics packing, pearl cotton packaging, rubber and printing etc.

  2. Microcomputer controlled, with simple, prompt and accurate operation.

  3. The main machine adopts double oil cylinder,double-crank connecting rod balancing, four-column precise guiding mechanism, which can guarantee that the cutting depth at every cutting position is same.

  4. The pressing board carries out slow cutting when it presses downward to contact the die cutter, whichi can make that there is no size error between the upperment layer and lowermost layer of cut materials.

  5. The central oil supply automatic lubricating system guarantees the service life and precision of machine.

  6. Single-side or double-side automatic feeding system can be allocated to enhance the production efficiency of machine twice or thrice.

  7. Cutting board micro-movement device can be allocated to evenly consume the cutting board and save cost.

  8. Die cutter pneumatic clamp device can be allocated to make the replacement of die cutter convenient and prompt.Optional: a. Single-side and double-side automatic feeding systems; b. Cutting board micro-movement device; c. Die cutter pneumatic clamp device.