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China's Demand For Rubber Machinery Dropped

Nov 07, 2016

Over 89% of radial tires in China, compared with world average radial rate of tire, and space is extremely unlikely. Rubber machinery Committee of China chemical industrial equipment Association Honorary President Li Dongping said the last tire tire investment demand growth and radial tires in each drive is now only supported by growth in demand for tires on one leg, hard to reproduce the rapid development of tire industry. Equipment orders to promote rapid development of rubber machinery industry in the past times never comes back, relying on conventional rubber machinery orders is difficult to survive, much less developed.

After years of rapid development of Chinese tyre industry, products very serious structural surplus, industry profit. United States announced in June that launched on Chinese tires "double reverse" investigation, let the tire industry environment worse. China tire enterprises had to stop or reduce tire investment, Cliff-type rubber machinery decreased. Chinese rubber machinery is very limited in new orders after the July, less than conventional 20%. Even worse is the first half of the executed orders the suspension or cancellation, rubber machinery enterprises are organizing orders to postpone delivery, rubber machinery enterprise funds stuck in the backlog of products.