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Competitive Situation And Market Space Of Domestic Embossing Machine

Oct 19, 2017

Competitive Situation and Market Space of Domestic Embossing Machine
Domestic Embossing Machine R & D and production into the industrial development platform, in innovation to enhance competitiveness is to achieve industrial upgrading, to a new realm of the key.
Currently. Domestic Embossing Machine R & D and production into the industrial development platform. To strengthen cooperation with domestic and international printing machine giants, or with the relevant industry chain to form a wide range of strategic alliances, enhance competitiveness in innovation, stability and expansion of the domestic market, expanding the international low-end market, high-end market at home and abroad Will be a breakthrough in the platform period, to achieve industrial upgrading, to a new level of the key.
Embossing Machine development direction
Embossing Machine is die-cutting indentation equipment collectively. Die cutting includes press and die presses and presses two types of finishing techniques, with steel knife, steel wire (or steel plate engraved stencil). Apply a certain pressure through the embossing plate. Will be printed or cardboard rolled into a certain shape. Among them, the printing products will be cut into a single graphic products called the use of steel wire in the printed material on the mark or leave the bending of the groove marks called indentation (indentation marks known as steel, the industry was often Mistaken for the green line); the use of yin and yang two templates, printed on the surface of the print with a three-dimensional effect of the pattern known as convex and concave embossed. Die cutting is mainly used for paper packaging and decoration industry in the trademark cartons, greeting cards and other die-cutting indentation and cold embossing operations, but also for the production of print after the printing.
Over the years, China's printing machinery manufacturing industry, especially after India machinery has made considerable progress, which, die-cutting hot stamping equipment is like a bright plane in the field of printing, from the original almost a single vertical flat pressure Embossing Machine, To the introduction of imitation, and then to independent research and development. And gradually have the ability to innovate and have independent intellectual property rights. In recent years. Intelligent Embossing Machine automatic clearing waste Embossing Machine, vertical and horizontal two-way to send foil, holographic positioning hot stamping element silver to avoid hot stamping and other new high-end equipment have been available. Not only in the domestic market eye-catching, and some products also enter the international market. Open domestic printing machinery exports precedent: manufacturers also from the "South Asia and North China have jade India" confrontation between the two armed forces, into the crowded period. The face of domestic and international market demand changes and Embossing Machine manufacturing industry competition. The entire Embossing Machine industry development, facing the expansion of the industrial upgrading and market repositioning.
to this end. First of all, should understand the industry trends. Overall. The following development direction should attract the attention of the industry.
Automation intelligent, digital. On the one hand, the profits of the printing industry has repeatedly declined. on the other hand. Beginning in 2008. With the formal implementation of the Labor Contract Law and the continuous improvement of the cost of human resources in the printing business, the saving of operation time has become a problem that must be considered in the printing plant. Therefore, a number of programmable controllers between the data communication LCD intelligent operation display man-machine dialogue digital servo holographic aluminum foil surface tension control, hot stamping holographic machinery precision manufacturing technology will continue to apply to a new generation of Embossing Machine. Die-cutting indentation, such as India, India and India after the Indian printing and printing together to become an indispensable part of the printing process.
Embossing Machine die cutting. As a finishing process, the Embossing Machine will be able to form a production line with digital printing equipment and carry out personalized processing and on-demand processing with high speed, high precision, high efficiency, short cycle, low cost and other advantages. Which is a very rounded round Embossing Machine more efficient but because of die-cutting tool manufacturing and grinding costs high cycle length is therefore only applicable to a single species, batch volume, pressure convex position is very close to die cutting or indentation edge The product. Relatively speaking, the line flat pressure Embossing Machine is more flexible and economical.
Embossing Machine die cutting is not the end of other die-cutting method but for the different characteristics of the product to further increase the Embossing Machine options.