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Current Situation Of Cutting Machine

Nov 07, 2016

For Cutter cutting machine English name Maching, means cutting machine. Is a blanking various flexible materials used in industrial production of processing machines. This machine is used to match many different title based around the. In other countries, people referred to as cutting machine in Taiwan, based on the coincidence of the English transliteration of Chinese cutting machines in Hong Kong, according to their function and call it the beer machine, but on the Mainland, people according to their uses as cutting machine. In China's coastal areas, some corresponding to this product as well. Such as the Cantonese call it cutting the Fujian people call it punch, the Wenzhou person call blanking machine from Shanghai who called cutting machine, some call it cutting machine, punching machine, shoe machine, and so on. All these forms of keywords took shape cutting machine. In fact, most people used to call it the cutting machine.

Cutting machines for use in industrial production, cutting machine uses is very wide. Its main function is to use molding cutting die, people adopted blanking action sheet required or semi-finished products. Suitable for processing all types of leathers, fabrics, textiles, plastics, rubber, paper, felt, asbestos, glass fibers, Cork, other synthetic materials, such as flexible sheet materials.