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Cutting Machine Enterprise's Own Technological Reform To Carry Out Green Production

Jan 31, 2018

For the protection of the environment whether government or individuals, will this as a great thing, after all, no green living environment, so our health will be not guaranteed! So it is in the industry at home and abroad on green manufacturing concerns continue to increase, largely depends on the political reasons.

Pollution and environmental waste have become a political issue for the development of a country. Environmental waste and pollution are often made by the government of the cutting machine owners, which use political means to make laws and regulations, rather than the technological reform of business groups or enterprises.

The EU has issued a wEEE.RoHS and EuP three green directives, formulate laws and regulations by government and political pressure to green manufacturing requirements of environmental protection to support, develop economic mechanism, market strategy, load effect and guide the development of the implementation of green manufacturing cutting machine and cutting machine.

Many countries have issued environmental regulations to constrain and guide the development of manufacturing industry, and promote the green process through legislation and regulations, which will inevitably lead to the green process of enterprises.