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Development Trend Of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Jul 27, 2017

Development Trend of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine, also known as CNC punching machine, for some non-metallic materials, stickers, double-sided adhesive, electronics, mobile phone pads, such as die-cutting indentation and bronzing operations, as printed after printing the main processing equipment, Has been in our country to form a different grade, basically to meet the domestic demand for equipment. The development trend of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine has the following characteristics:

First, the product to the automation, intelligent, multi-functional direction.
Second, the automatic flattening Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine application market will continue to expand, semi-automatic pressure die-cutting indentation machine sales market will be further reduced.
Third, to adapt to the full size of the specifications of CNC Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine market will gradually expand, China has a large number of production.
Fourth, the printing efficiency will continue to improve.
Fifth, round pressure round wire die cutting will be the bulk printing and packaging products, the best die-cutting method, with the circular die-cutting drum processing technology to improve the level of circular die cutting a wider range of applications, the production efficiency will be further improved The
Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine if the die-cutting accuracy is not high:
Problem Cause: Due to the high accuracy of the Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine, there is a problem with the die-cutting version itself, and some of the printed matter. Due to hand-made die-cutting version of the larger error; and die-cutting indentation and printing process of the operating environment will cause different paper deformation, resulting in die-cutting indentation are not allowed, especially after polishing, film, paper deformation More serious, thus affecting the die cutting accuracy.
Solution: first of all to select the advanced die-cutting plate-making process, and improve the accuracy of die-cutting version. But also to ensure that die-cutting indentation and printing process in the same operating environment, or to ensure that the homogeneity of the operating environment (ie, the same temperature, relative humidity, etc.); on the light and film after the paper to die Cutting pretreatment, to minimize the impact of paper deformation on the accuracy of die cutting.

Carton Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine indentation produce "burst line" and "dark line":
The reason for this is that the "burst" of the device means that the pressure of the die-cutting indentation is too large to exceed the bearing limits of the paper fibers and cause the paper fibers to break or partially break; and "dark lines" means undue Indentation line, generally due to die-cutting and indentation steel wire selection is not appropriate, die cutting pressure adjustment improper, poor paper quality, paper fiber direction and die-cutting row knife direction is inconsistent, low paper moisture caused by decreased flexibility and so on Cause of the problem.

Solution: Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine to select the appropriate die-cutting version; and also appropriate to adjust the die-cutting pressure; in the equipment before the die-cutting to be die-cutting printed matter placed in the workshop for some time; must improve the workshop environment Relative humidity. The better way to change is to reduce the height of the indentation of the steel wire, but also to reduce the height is usually 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, according to the specific quantitative determination of paper, and quantitative in the 350g / m2 above the paper to reduce the indentation of steel Line height of 0.2mm, and quantitative in the 350g / m2 below the paper should be reduced by 0.1mm.